Merry Christmas - A Rated R Lesbian OneShot

Hey! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Miley and Demi walked into their shared apartment exhausted. It was Christmas day and they had spent it over Miley’s parents’ house with all the family. Her family was finally starting to accept her lesbian relationship with Demi and Christmas was a great opportunity for the families to bond and get more used to that idea.

Demi: God, I’m exhausted. - She said as she walked into the apartment and took off her heels.

Miley: I know, my family can be pretty loud sometimes. Sorry about that. - She replied as she served both of them a glass of wine.

Demi took her glass and gladly drunk a long sip. 

Miley: I’ll be right back, love. 

Miley walked out of the room and Demi sat on the couch, massaging her temples. There was nothing like being home. She was tired and wanted to rest so when she heard Miley’s footsteps into the living room, she didn’t even open her eyes. 

Miley giggled softly and sat next to her on the couch. She put down both of the glasses and moved her mouth next to Demi’s ear.

Miley: It’s too bad you’re so tired. I still have a present left for you. - She whispered seductively.

Miley’s hot breath on Demi’s neck, made her open her eyes immediately. Miley stood in front of her with red lingerie and a Santa’s hat. It was like if Santa existed and had a wife, her lingerie would be like that. Demi swallowed thickly and couldn’t help but stare at Miley’s body. 

Miley: Well, would you like to unwrap the present? - She asked with a wink and a smirk.

Demi still couldn’t talk properly. She just loved when Miley wore sexy special lingerie, her body was so beautiful. Miley giggled softly and sat on Demi’s lap. She leaned in slowly and kissed Demi’s lips. Miley moaned softly through the heated kiss as she grinded herself lightly on Demi’s legs. Miley unzipped Demi’s dress and pulled it down, making it hung on her hips. Miley squeezed Demi’s boobs over her black lace bra, making her moan lightly at the touch. Miley smirked through the kiss and with one quick move, she removed Demi’s bra, exposing her big round boobs. As they made out, Miley pinched Demi’s nipples making them hard and Demi did the same through Miley’s see through lingerie.

Miley: Let’s take this, to the bedroom. - Miley suggested.

Demi: No, wait. I also have a few surprises for you.

Demi got up from the couch and came back a few seconds later holding three boxes. Miley held them and opened the three of them very quickly, like a kid. Inside the first box was a new vibrating clit stimulator, the second box had a two headed dildo and the last box had a strap on with a fake dick. Damn, Demi knew how to surprise Miley.

Miley: I can’t wait for us to try all of this!

Demi giggled a little and pushed Miley on the carpet. She removed the rest of her clothes, leaving only the thong on her body. Demi climbed on top of Miley and went back to making out with her. Demi’s mouth moved from Miley’s to her neck while her hands almost ripped off the top of Miley’s lingerie. After leaving purple marks all over Miley’s neck, Demi wrapped her lips around Miley’s nipple and pinched the other one between her fingers. As her boobs were having a special treatment, Miley reached for the clit stimulator, turned it on and placed it in a tiny gap between her pussy and Demi’s. The two girls moaned lightly as they felt the warm pussy juices flowling out of their pussies. Demi removed her thong and then removed Miley’s as well. She grabbed the clit stimulator Miley was holding and sat her pussy on Miley’s, placing the clit stimulator between their pussies as they grinded on each other. Demi humped Miley’s wet pussy and Miley rocked her hips to get more friction. 

Miley: Ohhh fuck!

Demi: Uhhh!

Their loud moans filled the room as their sensitive clit touched and grinded on each other. Demi threw her head back and just like Miley’s, her moans turned into screaming.

Demi: Ohhhhhh!

Miley: Fuck fuck fuck! So c-close! Uhhhhh!

Demi: Shit, I- I’m gonna c - - Ahhhhhhhh!

Demi came on Miley’s pussy and it only took a few more seconds for Miley to come as well. They slowed down their pace and Demi turned off the clit stimulator. 

Miley: Fuck, that was amazing. - She said trying to catch her breath. 

Demi smirked and quickly kissed Miley’s lips. 

Miley: What’s next? Which one do you want to try?

Demi smirked again and then gragged the strap on with the fake dick. She wrapped it around her waist.

Demi: Get on your knees.

Miley did as she was told and Demi shoved the fake dick inside Miley’s mouth to get it lubed. Demi then removed it out of Miley’s mouth and motioned her to get her face down and her ass up. Miley got on her position, sticking up her ass as high as she could. 

Demi: What a gorgeous as. - She said as she slapped it a couple of times. 

Demi spread Miley’s legs wide open and rubbed the fake dick against her wetness before entering it slowly, but deep in Miley’s pussy from behind. 

Miley: Harder… faster… - She moaned.

Demi moved the fake dick in and out of MIley’s pussy harder and faster as her hand teased Miley’s clit.

Miley: Oh fuck, Demi! 

Demi smirked and picked up more speed.

Demi: Tell me you love it! 

Miley: I fuckig love it! Ohhh!

Demi: Say it again and scream my name! - She demanded as she slapped Miley’s ass. 

Miley: I fucking love it, Demi! Ahhhhhh!

Demi: Good girl! Now come for me! I want to taste that delicious cum! 

Demi moved the fake dick even harder, faster and deeper, maaking Miley scream loudly.


A few thrusts after Miley came on the fake dick and Demi slowed up. Demi removed the fake dick from Miley’s pussy and enjoyed the view. Miley was breathless, trying to catch her breath and there was cum dripping down her inner thighs. Demi bent down and licked some of Miley’s cum and then shoved the fake dick inside Miley’s mouth.

Demi: Do you like your own cum, baby? It’s delicious, huh?

Miley nodded as she continued to suck on the fake dick until there was nothing left. 

Miley: Give me your pussy, Demi.

Demi smiled and removed the strap on quickly. She then sat on Miley’s face. Miley stuck her tongue out and flicked it across Demi’s wet pussy.

Demi: Don’t tease, Miley.

However, Miley kept teasing her, slowly licking around her clit in circles. Demi moaned softly and started humping Miley’s face. Miley started sucking on Demi’s sensitive clit, making her moan and hump her face harder.

Demi: Uhhh! 

Miley bit Demi’s clit and then sucked on it harder, eager to have Demi’s cum sliding down her throat. Demi’s moans became screams of pleasure and she came all over Miley’s mouth.

Demi: Ohhhh fuuuuck! Uhhhhh!

Miley: Mmmmm… Delicious.

Demi: Oh God, baby, you’re amazing.

Miley let Demi catch her breath before she grabbed the other gift, the two headed dildo. They both suck the ends of it and then Miley entered in slowly in Demi’s pussy and then entered it in her own pussy. They started humping the dildo slowly, leting out soft quiet moans. They slowly started picking up some speed and rode the dildo faster, deeper and harder.

Miley: Fuck…

Demi: Uhhhh…

They humped the dildo and, as the pleasure increased, they humped i faster, harder and deep. So deep their clits almost touched each other. Their loud screams of pleasure filled the air and turned each other on even more. 

Demi: Fuck! Almost there! Ahhhh!

Miley: Ohhh shit! Uhhhh!

Miley was the first to come on the dildo and once she was done, she removed the dildo and helped Demi, by thrusting the dildo in and out of her pussy hard, fast and deep.

Demi: Ohhh Miley! Ohhhhh!

Demi also came on the dildo and after both cleaing it up with their tongues, they lied next to each other on the fluffy carpet, with a blanket over their naked bodies.

Miley: Merry Christ, Demi.

Demi: Merry Christmas, Miley.


Fuck, that made me horny and now i really gotta rub my pussy.

Merry Christmas!

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